If I could show you ways to grow your audience, dramatically increase your TSL, become endeared to your city; indispensable to your city and have a “must listen to” morning show, would you be interested? 

Together we can do all that.

Why am I the best morning show consultant on earth? I DID this! I spent 42 years in a morning radio studio. I know what it’s like in there; how it feels. I understand the unique balance. I know the vibe, I know what goes on during spot breaks. I know how it feels when the show is going well and when it’s not. I lived it; I understand it like no other consultant can because none of them have done what morning radio personalities do. 

Enormous difference. 



Here's What I Have For You

A program to teach you everything I learned in my very successful career in morning radio, thanks to some fabulous teachers and the experience of performing over 20 thousand morning radio shows.

The Morning Coach program is limited to only six morning shows. This means you will get very personal care and coaching.

Here's How We Work Together

I Listen

 I spend a week listening to your morning show. 

(I know it's fabulous already)

I Visit

Ÿ  I spend the afternoon with management to find out what they want for your show and why.

We Eat!

 Then we head out to an early dinner. Yes, I'll pay. We get to know each other and chat about your show. (Which I know is already fabulous.)

  I want to find out what you want for your show.

We Eat Again! 

Ÿ The next morning after the show, we’ll go to brunch. Yes, I'll pay again. We form a plan. And we’re off!

I Listen Some More

Ÿ Every week, you’ll send me your show.  We’ll have a conference call about it. We’ll see how the show is doing, which I know will be even more fabulous.  I’ll offer observations and make suggestions for future broadcasts.

I Coach

Ÿ During the next 3 months or longer, I’ll coach your show.  We’ll work together to assess your strengths and weaknesses and how you’re doing. 

I don't get up at 4 o'clock anymore, but I still come up with ideas that would be great on the radio. I'll happily pass these little gems along.

Here is some of what you will learn

The 7 most powerful words you can say on the air:

Say these 7 words and your listeners will turn up the volume, stay in their cars, come in late for work and tell everybody what they heard.


★The first thing they want to know when they wake up.

The time? The weather? They’ve been asleep and out of touch with their world for hours. What do they want to know first?


★Compelling Content – you can’t win without it

Enthralling, captivating, gripping, riveting, spellbinding, mesmerizing. 

Don't let them “see what else is on”.

    

★Don’t let them hear. Make them listen.

There is a difference between “seeing TV” and “watching TV”. Same with your show.

   ★Put this on and they cannot tune out.

   Not much to explain here, it’s so simple. And it’s magic. 

     ★Tease your way to quarter hour dominance.

This is one of the most important things I can teach you. And I just did it.


★Sell your house to get this every day.

It’s the best, most magnificent, cannot-do-without-it thing you can have in the studio with you.

     The most significant sound on the radio.

       It is . . . . very. . . powerful.  (I just did that, too)


  Remember the “F” word.★

    You and they need to be this.

   ★Never wear the red tennis shoes.

     Let the other guys look like buffoons..

 ★How to interview anybody about anything

For starters, never ask a question that can be answered by this

 ★How to get the absolute best from your producer

Is your producer just a call screener? They should be 

carrying a lot more water for you.

   Solve the biggest problem they don’t know they have.

Cell phones, email and social media have caused this. You can come to the rescue.

   ★100 morning shows.  99 of them can’t do this.

This sounds easy, but in my experience, it’s the most difficult thing ever.

The day I started doing it, my career took off.

   ★The audience is blind.

   Do they know who is who?

   ★Use your life. Enhance your life

We all share the same life experiences

   ★You can’t make this stuff up. Sure you can!

Does it really have to happen?

    ★Don’t be finished by 6:15

     You’ve worked too hard to do that.


 ★Wash, rinse, repeat.

       You don’t need to do 4 shows a day.

 ★Do something on your show the station would never do.

  Yes, there’s a way to do something your station would never do. 

 ★Passion will make you a hero.

And everyone loves a hero.


     ★Morning show disease★

    Fire these people.

     ★The antidote to syndication.

         Jeff and I did it. You can do it. 

     ★The “Magic 5”.

       Here’s  a hint: food.

      ★Know how to get out before you get in.

    Would you walk into a room not knowing how to get out?

   ★Be the show that rescues the city.

I’ll share a perfect example of something Jeff and I are still known for 20 years later.

    ★Make sure they like you.

    Get them on your side first.

      ★If you find it interesting, they will, too.

   Don’t trust your head. Trust your heart. Trust your gut. 

    ★Be really good when things are really bad.★

   Remember how everyone loves a hero? This is part 2.


  ★What to ask yourself before you open the microphone.

If you’re not doing this, you should be listening to morning radio, not doing it.

★What to ask yourself on the drive home.

See above.

  ★Own the morning, own the town..★

If you don’t, you should. Recently I was out with my wife and a guy in the restaurant called out “Hey Jer!”  I’ve been retired for almost 3 years.

 ★Who should be the biggest fan of your show?

It’s not your partners. Not your friends. Not your family.

 ★Leave this in the hall. Or not.

Does this stuff belong in the hall or on the air?

     ★Do you have a “suitcase show”? Anybody can do that.

Dump it. Right now.

Let's Work Together

I did morning radio for 42 years. 

33 of those were with Jeff. We were fairly successful.

No . . . wait. We were damned successful.

I’d like to share what I’ve learned.

Let’s work together to make your already fabulous morning show a WAY fabulous morning show.


And now, a little about Moi


My greatest achievements are creating the Broadway smashes “Hello Dolly”, “Mame”, “La Cage Aux Folles” and . . . no, wait. That’s Jerry Herman.

 I was a morning radio personality for 42 years, 28 as half of the top-rated “Jeff & Jer” morning show in San Diego. 

In 2017 I was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

 I graduated as a theatre major from the University of Maryland after which I took a brief four-decade diversion into radio. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionately speaking and acting on behalf of animals

In 2003, I wrote and directed the play “Nickels and Dimes”, which sold out sixteen performances at San Diego’s Lyceum Theatre and raised $150,000 for animals.


Previously, I created, directed and performed in “Bless The Beasts”, a multi-media theatrical event about animal welfare, which toured the U.S. for three years. 

In 1988 I founded  “The Unicorn Foundation”, a non-profit group that raises money for animal protection.

In 2010 I was elected to the Board of Directors of 

The Humane Society Of The United States. 

In 2016, I created and hosted the television show “San Diego Tonight”.

My partner, Jeff and I were together on the radio together for 33 years. We were the hosts - but we made our listeners the stars.

  My wife Pam and I live in La Jolla, California in a house owned by six cats. 

Most people don’t know this: Jerry Cesak is my stage name. 

My real name is Slappy Kincaid. 

Some people who like me

When I’ve found myself in a jam
I’d call Jer. He has this unique ability to see solutions and point me in the right direction
Bill Michaels, 97X

“It’s like getting a physical from your doctor: a check-up on your career.
Plus, you get to keep your clothes on.”

Greg Michaels

If you could learn half as much from him as I have over the years, jump on it right now!

Paul Castronovo, Big 105.0

“Jerry is so in-tune with listeners they never tune out. His broadcasts went viral before there was the internet.” 

Mike Shiels, Michigan's Big Show

Jerry combines the rare ability of being both talent and teacher. As one of the true masters of the morning he relates to talent in a way few others can. 

Don Anthony, Talentmasters

 Jerry understands, better than anyone I know, the strategies and tactics that are the secret sauce for a compelling, entertaining, ratings-grabbing morning show.

Bob Bolinger, VP Entercom

Jerry's on-air talents are as natural as any radio superstar host.  He’s been there, he’s succeeded at the highest levels, and he’s got something to offer others striving for that kind of success.   Engage him while you can!

Kraig Kitchin, Chairman, National Radio Hall of Fame

At Morning Show Boot Camp, Jerry's tips went a long way on my show in Rochester. I can't wait for new ones.

Brother Wease, 95.1 iHeart Radio

Jerry is the best person who has ever been on the radio.

Sheila Cesak, Jerry's mom.

Jerry taught me not only to perform but how to monetize my talents, both with listeners and radio advertisers. I have had a great career thanks to him.
You can’t NOT WIN applying his brand of radio.

Michelle McKormick, 97 LAV FM

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